Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is a vital cog in the machine that is your household. It is paramount you ensure regular care is taken to prolong the lifespan of your machine.

If your fridge stops normal operation, then you don't have time to waste in restoring it to normal working order. Even the slightest amount of time may compromise a hold fridge full of food. If you're located in the Danbury surrounds, Premier Repair Co can assist you. We are a market leader in repair work in the surrounding region.

3 Major Reasons to Call a Fridge Repair Expert

If any of the below concerns are related to your refrigerator concerns, do not wait, act now to get in touch with a professional.

Poor cooling

If there is a lack of cooling within the system, despite having clean coils and tight door gaskets, there may be a fault within the thermostat. Phone us to have this assessed and potentially repaired.

Moisture on the seal or a puddle under the fridge

A leakage is commonly a sign of door seal fault or a burnt mullion heater. This particular heater is a smaller mechanism located in the fridge to combat condensation.

Strange noises

A large pounding noise may be an indicator of defective compressor. A high-pitched squeal, however, may be a freezer fan fault.

There is an array of other concerns that are linked with refrigerator malfunctions, but these listed are often most visible.

Choosing the Right Refrigerator Repair Service

It is paramount that your repair specialist is highly trained and skilled in refrigerator servicing. It is best to look for the following:

License and certification

Fridges are intricate appliances. It is vital that the person who works on it understands them and has the qualifications to support this. If not, there could be greater harm than correction.

The controls used to ensure food maintains freshness could also be harmful. There are certain certificates served by the EPA to ensure responsible handling of these refrigerants. Be wary of these certificates and whether your technicians carry them.

The team at Premier Repair Co are extensively trained and have obtained full licensing to ensure all qualifications are met.


Apart from criterion in the form of licensing, it is important your repair pro has the correct experience. Inability to correctly and sufficiently complete jobs will mean less time on the market for a repair company. Prolonged exposure to repair work will allow professionals to garner greater expertise. It is essential to look out for someone who has the right amount of experience and is able to actively interact with you as a person.

Premier Repair Co has been serving the Danbury area for a touch over 15 years now. This has produced a wealth of knowledge, as well as a strong connection with the community.

Customer reviews

Past customer testimonials are a good way to find your preferred refrigerator specialist. These thoughts go a long way in assisting in finding the most trustworthy person for the role.

We have a magnitude of happy customers, with the reviews to back it up. Have a look at our endorsements today!

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As a refrigerator repair service company, we are committed to restoring your fridge to factory working conditions. We're driven by three principles:

Our team is dedicated to repairing your refrigerators condition to prime working need. We are bound by the following philosophies:

• Unmatched Value

• Professional Service

• Unrivaled Reliability

We have a strong passion for top-tier repair and care service. You are also ensured the greatest value for the money you spend, which is a testimony to our highly affordable rates. We are always indebted to treating every single one of you the same way - with respect, honesty and care!

If there are concerns with your fridge, give us a ring today and we'll organize a consultation.